Nail Wrap- Full Set                          $55

This treatment creates durable and natural looking nails using a choice of silks, fibers or linens. Our techinicians will provide advice and assistance on your selections

Gel Nails- Full Set                            $50

Gel nails retain their natural look longer than acrylic. The shine and color lasts longer. They do not break or chip easily nor do they turn yellow in sunlight. If you are looking for an exquisite look, or if you are sensitive to primers and liquids in other nail enhancements, this might be the choice for you. Our nail technician will assist as you select between the dip-gel powder technique and the UV- concept gel.

Nail Wrap or Gel Refills                    $35

Rebalancing the nail wrap or gel fill every two weeks is essential to prevent infection and nail wrap lifting or breaking

Pink and White Gel- Full Set            $65

Gel-based pink and white French manicure -- Feels great and looks great.

Pink and White Gel Refill- Full Set    $45

Update and re-balance your gel treatment every two week to keep them fresh and healthy